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Table of Contents

Part One: Small is Beautiful

1. Big Isn’t the Only Option
2. Thank Goodness You’re Small
3. Startup Thinking
4. Marketing is a Big Load of Bologna
5. The Problem With Advertising
6. You’re the One to Market Your Company



Part Two: Finding Your Voice

7. What a Brand Is
8. Brand Commandments
9. Focus and Differentiation
10. Storytelling
11. Authenticity and The Zellers Paradox


Part Three: Fostering Relationships

12. Do They Love You?
13. Do They Know You?
14. How to Flirt With Your Customers
15. Be Nice to People
16. Selling Without Selling


Part Four: Connecting and Communicating

17. New Tools
18. Our Computers, Ourselves
19. Getting to Trust (and Beyond)

20. Making It Work for Your Company

21. Ten (Digital) Marketing Stories


Part Five: Acting and Adapting

22. The Inverted Pyramid
23. Finding and Enabling Great Partners
24. Embracing Change
25. Screwing Up and the Long Run


Ends and Odds


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