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Chapter 1: Big Isn’t the Only Option


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Chapter 2: Thank Goodness You’re Small


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Chapter 3: Startup Thinking


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Chapter 4: Marketing is a Big Load of Bologna


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Chapter 5: The Problem With Advertising


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Chapter 7: What a Brand Is


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Chapter 8: Brand Commandments


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Chapter 9: Focus and Differentiation


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Chapter 10: Storytelling


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Chapter 11: Authenticity and The Zellers Paradox


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Chapter 12: Do They Love You?


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Chapter 13: Do They Know You?


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Chapter 14: How to Flirt With Your Customers


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Chapter 15: Be Nice to People


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Chapter 16: Selling Without Selling


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Chapter 17: New Tools


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Chapter 20: Making It Work for Your Company


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Chapter 22: The Inverted Pyramid


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Chapter 24: Embracing Change


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Chapter 25: Screwing Up and the Long Run


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